Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Leaves in NYC

I was so inspired by all of the leaves in New York City this year that I made eight really nice leaf paintings, but I feel like they are still not complete. I might paint some crazy colored squirrels on them, but I'm still thinking about it. For now I thought that I would just share them.

Friday, December 08, 2006


Bird on Artichoke watercolor 10"x11"

Bird with Chandelier watercolor 10"x11"

Bird with Sunflower watercolor 10"x11"

Living up to my New Year's Resolution early I am putting up prints for sale. You may have guessed it...my resolution is "Creating an affordable market of my work and gaining satisfied new customers" which translates to "Making a living off of my art". Yes, a quest that will take longer than a year, but I have to start somewhere. It began with a woman from California who found my website while exploring the web and emailed me saying that she loved my artwork and would like to buy a piece. What a way to make my day! She decided that she would like prints and that gave me the kick in the behind to actually go forward and make prints of some of my watercolors. I hope that more than just this one person will be interested in my work. Over the next year I will create 3 prints per month that will be up for sale. These three that you see here will most likely be the largest size and price. Their price per print including shipping is $60. If you are intersted in purchasing one of them please send me an email via my website. I will make a limited edition of 10 prints for each of the above paintings.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

My First Piece

This is the first personal creation that has inspired me for awhile so I'm posting it. I will add paintings later, but today it is a photograph.