Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pure Potentiality 2012 Calendar and AEDM 4-30

YAY!  I have been so busy this year and had decided not to do my annual calendar, until people started coming out of the woodwork asking "How's you're calendar going?".  The first person who had asked I could shrug off, but after the fifth or sixth person, I knew people were expecting it and I couldn't disappoint.  Well here it is, the best yet.  If you would like to order, please contact me personally via email or phone- pkaegi at gmail dot com or click the icon on the side of the blog and it will take you to Paypal.  There are two choices- a letter sized calendar on heavy glossy paper that when open measures 11"x17" for the price of $20 and a large size on linen paper that is 13.5"x19 for the price of $35.  I will be sending the calendars out late next week (around December 10th), so if you order now, expect them mid month.  If the calendar is a gift, please tell me and I will wrap it and include a note for the recipient.  All of the above paintings are 9.5"x11.5" gouache on paper  and they are for sale for $175 each.  If you would like to invest in one of these original artworks, please contact me.  January (Girl on Bike), February, (Birthday at Red Bow), June (Weiss Stock), September (Beach Scene), November (Bridge Lessons), and December (Black Lab) have already been sold.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Art Every Day #4 (Friday)

I was showing some of my students (1st graders) my sketchbook, and once they saw the the chibi characters, they wanted to learn how to draw them.  So chibitime began, and let me tell you, some of the children drew them all weekend long (like my daughter- I woke up Sunday morning to find a table full of chibis and it makes me so excited that she retained so much of the information!).  So one of my creative outflows for Friday was teaching students chibi characters that they ADORE! And of course, my results above, which now hang in the front door of the studio.  Below are some of my daughter's chibis.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

ART EVERY DAY # 1,2,&3

 Well, I'm back (at least for now;)  I am going to try to participate as best I can in Art Every Day Month masterminded by Leah Piken Kolidas.  I hopped on that train at the last minute, and my biggest challenge isn't creating, but actually posting pictures of the dang things... I mean lovely creations of course.  So the above is AEDM#1- sketches that I did to prepare for a How to Draw video for eHOW.  I tape thirty videos in one session, so I like to sketch out all my drawings beforehand.  I had no clue what a chibi was, but now I do (as shown above).  I would post the video so you can see that I actually completed it, but it's not out yet.
Above is the midst of everything else, I've been working on 23 cigar box creations and I finished gluing my last one yesterday.  Now I get to go back to them all and add my acrylic touches.  I'm sure I will post more on this as it is consuming 25% of my life (a lot).
Last, but not least AEDM#3, A SKETCHBOOK!  (Do you hear the angels singing in the background?)  It's because I finished it, finally.  I bind all my sketchbooks because I am a particular about my paper (Ever tried using watercolor on paper in a sketchbook with drawing paper?- YUCK.  And even worse, purchasing a watercolor sketchbook for $25 and getting 10 pages? Double yuck.  So I bind my own.)  I love binding my sketchbooks, because it has two meanings, letting go of my previous sketchbook- a chapter closed, but not forgotten, and a opening a new sketchbook- a whole new world of possibilities.  The above is for my friend Holly on the west coast, and she's been waiting for it since May.  I can't wait to see her possibilities when I visit her over Thanksgiving!!