Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Nesting Dolls

I joined a swap awhile ago through Aesthetic Outburst, and it was touch and go for awhile, but I actually sent my dolls off yesterday, so hopefully they will be included in the swap. Yes, they were due about 2 weeks ago, and yes, I am so late.
For I am The Queen of Unfinished Projects. I probably should focus my blog around that topic because I would be able to do a posting a day about all of the unfinished projects in my life. My issue is that I am a Pisces rising with dreams of grandeur, pretty much everyday. The problem with this is that the dreams change daily, and they are always new. Think about it- two new ideas at least everyday....that's about 730 new ideas a year (not including the extra dreams on the 3+ idea days) and about 489 started, but not finished. ARGGH. You get the idea.
It makes me so proud of myself when I actually finish a project. This is the second. The first was my mobile.
Oh, by the way, look up...see the blog title?...I have had good intentions of changing the banner since it was created. I'd like my own artwork up there. Has it happened? Nope.

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