Tuesday, June 10, 2008

112 and Broadway

I was thinking about living in New York City, and how I don't post many pictures of just being in the city. I take it for granted that I can jump on the subway and go to Soho, Chelsea, Nolita, Harlem, and even Brooklyn;) So I thought I would start to post photos of nice views that I see from random New York City corners. This is the view that you see facing east when you are on the corner of 112th and Broadway. Isn't the Cathedral amazing? As you can imagine it is much more breathtaking in person. It is also a good location because there is a Pinkberry a few steps away.


painted fish studio said...

more pics, please, i love new york! i just don't get there often enough.

apple cyder said...

Yes, yes. Keep the pics coming. This gets me excited for our upcoming trip! (I'd kill for some Pinkberry right now, btw.)

Pixiewinkle said...

Yeah, no kidding. If you are getting the heatwave we are right now, there's nothing you can do to stay cool besides hugging an air conditioner. I'll keep the pictures rolling. When are you traveling to the city applecyder?