Friday, August 22, 2008

Sense of Space

My favorite part of traveling outside of my realm, aka NYC, is experiencing the energy of other places. To me each city or place has a very distinct personality and I enjoy getting to know it. The energy is almost tangible- the feel of the air, the scents of the plants, and the reactions of people who you meet. Sometimes I like to daydream and think about what people in China are doing while I sit on a bench/subway in New York, or how it might be to be in Brazil at a certain moment (lying on the beach preferably), because I am one tiny individual living my life, and there are millions of other people living in their cities, towns, boondocks, experiencing a totally different reality. I think it is important to appreciate a sense of place, especially your own.

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Pixiewinkle said...

1) View of Mt. Tam in Marin
2) View of NYC from Brooklyn
3)Hills near Lake Balaton
4)Budapest buildings
5) CPW townhouses
6)Palace Parking Garage, SF