Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Welcome Back Maira!

I was following my morning ritual blog-hopping and happened upon one of my favorites by Heather Ross and via her blog, found an even more favorite (sorry Heather) MAIRA KALMAN. Yes, finally after waiting two years...okay, maybe more like one and a half (but it felt like ten) she's back blogging In the Pursuit of Happiness and I couldn't be happier (I'm hanging all over her coat tails). I cried immediately when I read it. Thanks Maira. I missed you.

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painted fish studio said...

ooooo, thank you for the tip! i loved the principles of uncertainty, and in my head i illustrate just like maira (on paper, it looks like a 2nd grader's drawings). she's so amazing, i will be adding her blog to my daily read.

have a great weekend, p!