Monday, August 23, 2010

My First Official Interview Ever with Jen from Painted Fish Studio!!!

 I am so proud to have my first interview with Jen of Painted Fish Studio.  We met via a craft swap years ago and then kept up with each other's blogs until she visited NYC and I was able to meet up with her IN PERSON.  I don't know if it's because we both like to guzzle red wine, or if it's because we're the same age, or even because we're both creative people, but whenever I see Jen, I have a blast!  

Jen will be back in NYC in October, and I'm so pleased to say that she will be hosting 2 bookmaking workshops at Red Bow Studio.  If you're near Long Island, please join us!  You can find more information at Red Bow Studio.
Most momentous moment in your life?
there have been so many! the most recent: being invited to participate in a local artist gift mart at the walker art center. they found me, which is very cool, and the event was so much fun – i sold some of my work, i met other artists, and felt like a true artist. i wish every day was like that!

Ocean or mountains?
both are fascinating: i grew up (and still live) in the Midwest, so seeing either is a treat for me.

Sweet or salty?
oh boy. both. not at the same time, but both.

Favorite ice cream flavor?
chocolate chip with those little candy pieces in it.

An instance of blind faith?
i’m slowly learning to let go of fear of failure and just jump right in! in the last few months i’ve decided to do everything i can to see where my creative career (painted fish studio) will lead me. if i fail, i fail -- it’s a lot better than not trying.

What did you dream of doing when you were younger?
being an artist, and opening my own store where i’d sell the stuff i make.

Something you recommend doing before you die?
travel to a different country! and learn to like yourself.

What do you wish you were doing less of?
i do wish i wasn’t working full-time!

What do you wish you were doing more of?
i wish i was creating more, and exploring the possibilities...

When you’re walking down a city street, what makes you stop in awe?
if i’m in a city, that probably means i am out of my usual routine, and i am actually in the present, which is rare. being in the present really makes me stop and realize “i am HERE. i am in this amazing city.”. i feel that way when i’m traveling, and when i’m exploring downtown Minneapolis.

You are well known for the pARTys that you host for your did they start, and how do you feel that they have evolved over the years?
pARTy’s started after i took a stained glass course through community education in 2003, and i went a little bonkers and bought lots and lots of glass. so i asked my friends if they wanted to come over and make stuff from what i learned, and to help me get rid of the glass i bought. we all drank wine, we had a blast, and only one soldering iron incident. the evening then became a monthly event. i’m constantly trying new things, and trying to think of new projects for us to play with. the core group has remained pretty much the same over the last 7 (7!) years, and while we haven’t evolved much from the original format (project, cheese, wine), it’s so amazing to see what my friends create!

I for one can say that you are an inspiration for many people.  I love your Polaroids and the many other wonderful goodies you create.  Which is your favorite?
thank you! it’s such an honor to be called an inspiration. i’m just doing what makes me feel productive/creative. usually my favorite projects are my most recent: i really love the punch cards, and am excited to see how those evolve. and Polaroid film will continue to play a role in my creativity. i love the little magnets!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In 10 years?
in 5 years, i really hope my IT career has taken a lesser role than it has now. i’m not sure i’ll ever fully be able to support myself with my creative pursuits, but i’m going to do my damnedest to try. hopefully in 5 years i’m either working part-time or consulting and setting my schedule. in 10 years? who knows! i don’t like planning that far ahead, because i think having “a plan” can make it difficult to see potential in different opportunities that are right in front of you.

Thank you Jen!


painted fish studio said...

hey, that's me!:)

thanks for thinking i am interview-worthy! i love that we're still in touch, all due to a random swap held back in 2008. here's to many more years of wine glasses clinking and creativity!

kristin said...

thank you! it's fun to learn a little more about a friend. i guess it just depends on the questions you ask :)

janie said...

great interview, wish I was close enough to do the book binding workshops,sounds like they'll be fun as well as informative, the best way to learn.
Jen your Passion for creativity is so refreshing and encourages me to get on with enjoying my own creative side.

Anna - Three Sneaky Bugs said...

Yay for Jen!! How unexpected to pop over here and see this interview. Love it.