Monday, December 05, 2011

From the Shop of Painted Fish Studio

Last year Jen of Painted Fish Studio came to visit and brought some of her goods to sell at my local street fair.  One of her "Hello Journals" was bought by my daughter, who as you can see, has given it a lot of love.  People always show pictures of new products, and I love the idea of the untouched, but even more, I like to see what has transpired with the item sold.  Where is it sitting? Does it make the owner think of the creator?  Does it put a smile on someone's face?  When an owner of one of my artworks tells me how happy they are to see it in their house every day, it puts a smile on my face.  There is nothing better than passing a little goodness on to another person.
There are a couple of reasons why I bring this up.  Jen has brought a lot of goodness and inspiration into my life and I love to catch up with her during her "twice a year NYC pilgrimages".  She and I tour the city well.  Walk and shop a little, sit for lunch and wine, walk and talk a little more, and then oh you've guessed it, another glass of wine.  NYC is a good place for that kind of tour considering there is a bar on every corner.

Recently while drinking one of these glasses of wine Jen asked, so how's the calendar going? I told her it wasn't, but I realized that I HAD TO DO IT.  And she's one of the biggest reasons why.  To honor that well needed kick in the butt, I wanted to drop a hint about Jen's creations, and her shop, and how wonderful it is to find just the right gift for a special loved one, especially one who likes paper products.  She's put a smile in my life, let her put a smile in yours:)

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painted fish studio said...

thank you for the wonderful words! you brought lots of goodness to a dreary monday (and a bit of wanderlust... wish i was on one of my pilgramages right now!).

i'm so excited to see the calendar! and looking forward to our next tour. xo