Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Love is Everything 2017

YES IT'S TRUE- my calendar is finished and off to the printers!! Yay.  I will be sending/delivering calendars by the end of November, and am opening up shop for pre-orders now (which will be shipped by December 1st).  There is a large size for $35 (about 12.5x17.5) and a small size for $20 (about 9x12).  These calendars are wonderful gifts for anyone, and bring happiness to a home all year long (and if you're really special- it will bring good luck;) I have changed it up a little bit this year as I am now painting the numbers as well.  I made them large so that you can see what day it is from across the room (small number calendars drive me nuts).  If you want to write in events for the day- there is space, but in a more organic way- this is a think outside of the box calendar!  If you would like to purchase a calendar, choose large or small and then click the button in the top right corner that says Love is Everything 2017.  It will lead you to paypal and shipping, etc.  If you live internationally and would like a calendar, please email me at theredbowstudio at gmail dot com and we can work out shipping prices.  If you know me and would like to pay by check, email me or text me.  If you live near me, I am happy to do drop offs.  Remember this makes a GREAT GIFT.  Teachers especially like them.

Thank you to all the people who waited patiently and were sad when there was no calendar last year.  The calendar is A TON of work and I needed to take a year break.  I also didn't think anyone would miss it that much- I was surprised when I received texts from unknown people "where is the calendar this year?!?!?"  This year the calendar is dedicated to all of you who are avid lovers of it.  I try to include as many people as possible who buy the calendar in it.  As always, each month is an event in the last year or two that I am grateful for.  The paintings try to capture the energy of the moment.  Please enjoy and I hope that it brings endless joy to your home!

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