Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Sent It Off

So the send-off date and when I actually send it usually vary by about 3 days. Cheers all around because it is gone and hopefully will make somebody happy within the next couple of days (I sent it priority). Now my life is complete. And a little bit calmer. I just wanted to thank everyone again for participating in the swap. I hope you all had as fun as I did. My sac is made from a dress given to me by a friend when she was trying to clean out her apartment before a move. I had an idea of how I wanted it to look and freestyled it. I am really excited, because it actually turned out as I had imagined. I haven't really wanted to sew since my fashion school days, but my last two projects came out so successfully (in my eyes), that I might want to start a line of bags. But then, doesn't everyone? I know my line would have a lot of pockets. I love pockets, especially secret ones.


painted fish studio said...

i love that your bag is similarly shaped like the bag you drew for the swap badge! and yes, you should do a line of bags. it's fun to have new projects to plan, even if they take months to execute! thanks again for organizing. i've been eagerly checking my mailbox daily!

painted fish studio said...

wow. wow. wow. the package came saturday, and wow, i've been looking at everything since then. thank you so much!

Susan said...

Hi, I've been trying to get my partners address from her to get her swap off to her, but havent heard anything. Would you have the information. I sure hope she is okay. Thank you.