Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Oh Those French

I went to a friends house for breakfast the other day and she has an infant, who in turn has many wonderful toys. The dad is French, so this little girl receives many French goodies. I was delighted by this soft book- recently I have been wanting to create some soft-books of my own, so I've been looking for examples- and of course the images are so French. Would you ever find these kind of pictures in an American children's book? Probably not, unless it was sex ed. It's great to see a book with no inhibitions.


painted fish studio said...

i love the french! my mom came of age in the 60's and was anti-barbie and so happy when she found us kids dolls that were anatomically correct below the waist, if you know what i mean.

how fun it would be to make a soft book. i'd love to see what you come up with!

Little Bohème said...

Very funny post!!!
I am French and live in Arizona and had to get used to a lot of things like covering myself while breastfeeding, not changing my 1 year old in public at the swimming pool, seeing little girls having to wear top bathing suits... Now I'm used to it, but I still think that nature is... natural and should not be hidden as if it was bad (I mean, regarding kids of course...)!