Monday, March 01, 2010

Sketchbook Surprise

I've been looking through old sketchbooks, trying to organize my shelves and I often come across pages that look like this...the black ink is my hand and the colored ink is one of my dotters aka daughters (I can never catch them in the act, so I don't know who the culprit is...argh!!). Basically if I leave a sketchbook opened with a black ink line drawing, one of the dotters can't resist "coloring it in". They have both done this from an early age- 1, and it is so endearing, but at the same time I want to pull my hair out!! I know that the day will come when I open up an old sketchbook and see their scribbles and miss their younger years.

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Cheryl said...

awwwww, yes it certainly is endearing. Do they have a sketchbook of their own? My dotter (love that) has tons, and sketches to her heart's delight all of the time. She is NO artist, mostly pages of scribbles, but she is getting better with her creativity finally coming into her hand!!!