Friday, February 26, 2010

Frida by Ayala

I was so excited to receive the Frida doll I won in the ADO OWOH giveaway.  This beautiful doll was made by Ayala of Ayala Art Cards~Dolls. Be sure to check out Ayala's dolls and paintings- they are quite inspiring.  I have such admiration for Frida, that it is wonderful to be able to hang her as inspiration in my creative space.  Thank you Ayala!!


Debby said...


Marie S said...

You lucky woman, what a wonderful ornament.
Ayala's work is wonderful.
Have a great weekend

Nathalie said...

Congratulations on your win. I love the doll! Will you paint it in the future?

Ayala Art said...

I am so happy to see you like her!