Friday, February 05, 2010

Day 5 Sophia

Day 5 Sophia
After school today the girls wanted to create so I brought out the collage box. I joined in to create "Sophia", named by my daughter. Her best friend's name is Sophia, hence the first name she came up with. I let her do the character description, as I am getting annoyed with them. It was feeling a little too cutesy and I'm not in a cutesy mood.
Words from my 4 year old daughter's mouth...
This is Sophia. Her favorite color is pink.  She likes to play at the park and she is holding hands with her friend. She's happiest when constructing 7 feet sandcastles on the Pacific coast.(The last sentence was my add-on.)


painted fish studio said...

sophia is wonderful!

jenn said...

love what you created with a few minutes with your girls!

Tamara said...

Collage is my favourite! Love what you and the girls created.

Pixiewinkle said...

Thanks you all! The girls had so much fun they wanted to collage all afternoon and then some.

Cheryl said...

Sounds like fun!!!! Teach me what you did with collage that you can share with your girls. Sophia has a nostalgic flair, awesome.

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nathaliemvondo said...

The collage is beautiful!!!

leslie said...

I love, love, love collage AND Sophia. Sooooo inspiring!