Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dallas Love

Bottle openers
I'm a firm believer that everyone needs a change of scenery to spark the creative spirit, so I try to take a trip every couple of months or so. (Yes, I am a Pisces rising=dreamer). Since I have two young children, it's often to visit friends and stay at their homes, because bunking in the same hotel room with the kids can be tough (and expensive). For President's Week we traveled down to Dallas to visit my best friend from college.  My husband's only wish while in Texas: gorge on some down home BBQ, which we found at Sammy's in Northern Dallas.  This is where I found all of these bottle openers.  They clearly believe in choice at this joint.


leslie said...

Cool - you're visit was so close and yet so far from my own home. Did I mention I'm Aquarius?;)

painted fish studio said...

fabulous. i agree - it's good to seek new surroundings. hope to see you in manhattan in may!