Thursday, February 25, 2010

IF- Propagate

Delft Angel
Wow...propagate.  What a word.  Illustration Friday is getting all SAT on us.  As a crossword addict...I like it.  In this painting, I'm aiming for propagation through inspiration.  I am trying to reproduce the whimsy that I have created to the many other pages of this sketchbook.  It's all for a project that I am really excited about and keeping under wraps.  Until the next page, please propagate.


Isabelle said...

Thank you for your comment on my post/blog, ho I love your version of the subject "Propagate"! Also it seems we have the same life: Coffee in the morning, wine at night and creation in between! I almost want to steal this phrase from your blog hahaha... but I will not (copyright problems ahead!) Great Blog, will come back to visit again!

Lucretia E. Mcguff-Silverman said...

Great idea for propagation and very well done.

Amalia K said...

Curiosly haunting... There's a lot of emotions going on here. I love it!